I help children and adolescents improve school performance, reduce arguing, make better choices, improve communication, reduce anxiety, manage anger appropriately, and feel better about themselves


I help adults manage anxiety, improve relationships, feel happier, cope with life transitions (new job, new city, relationship changes) reduce stress, cope with loss. resolve trauma, and feel better about themselves.

Infertility Support

I help those with struggling to build their family manage anxiety,  find balance and joy, make difficult decisions, and navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that come with fertility challenges.


I diagnose ADHD in both children and adults and work with physicians and schools and clients to develop the most appropriate interventions to help with behavior challenges, organizational issues, time management and productivity.






Kerri can help those who have experienced trauma or upset that they can’t seem to get past. Sometimes we feel stuck, despite working on issues for years.  Brainspotting is a powerful brain-body technique that helps you access the part of the brain where trauma and upset is stored and in doing so, helps remove the emotional charge from the issue.