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Sometimes we can be meaner to ourselves than any bully at school could ever be. We beat ourselves up for small mistakes and tell ourselves that things will never work out. We can be our own bully!


  • Show you how bullies like Fortune-Telling Fiona and Mind-Reading Max can make you feel bad
  •  Identify the bullies in your head that contribute to negative thinking
  • Teach you how to change the negative thoughts to more positive, helpful thoughts

DON’T BE YOUR OWN BULLY will teach your children to stop beating themselves up and start feeling better about themselves.

Get Rid of Nightmares Get Rid of Nightmares

As many as 50% of children ages three to six experience nightmares that disturb the sleep of both the child and parent. While nightmares are common, they can still be quite distressing. Even if a parent is able to comfort the child, fear of recurring nightmares can make children afraid to fall asleep. There is an answer! “How Zac Got His Z’s: A Guide to Getting Rid of Nightmares” is a simple, three step guide to solving nightmare issues. This book is based on re-scripting, an approach that child psychotherapist Kerri Golding Oransky has used for the past 15 years with children who have trouble sleeping. Her husband, graphic artist Jason Oransky, provided the fun and engaging illustrations. In “How Zac Got His Z’s: A Guide to Getting Rid of Nightmares”, a boy learns how to conquer his bad dreams. Through fun rhymes and engaging illustrations, your child will learn how to get rid of his nightmares just like Zachary does.