Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we can get so caught up in  travel plans and preparing the meal that we often forget what Thanksgiving is all about.  Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the things that we are grateful for.  Here are some ideas to help instill a sense of gratitude in your children (and some ways to keep them busy while the turkey is roasting…)

Thankful Placemats

Gather up your old magazines and family photos, markers, crayons, and even glitter if you’re brave.  Let your children choose their favorite color of rectangular construction paper. Then challenge your kids to make a collage with cut-outs, photos and drawings of all the things they are grateful for.   When they are done,  laminate their masterpieces so they can be used as place mats for Thanksgiving in years to come.

The Gratitude Book

Get a blank book such as a scrapbook or journal and  list each family member on a two page spread. Then ask each family member to write something at least three things about each person that they appreciate.  This could be anything from helping them with  homework to making them laugh.  This book is something that can be left out on the coffee table and added to all year round.

Toss the Birdie Game
Simply decorate a badminton shuttlecock with permanent marker, as shown.
Have someone toss the Birdie of Gratitude to someone else; as each person catches it, he names something that he is grateful for then tosses it to another player. (Variation: Name something you are appreciate about the person who is catching the Birdie, then toss it to another player and do the same)

“I’m Thankful” Game
“I’m thankful” game. Before eating the thanksgiving feast, go around the table listing things alphabetically that you are thankful for.   “I’m thankful for __ (something that starts with A). The next person continues by giving thanks for something that starts with B. Go around the table and see how far you can get in the alphabet.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Have your children color and complete this Thanksgiving coloring page of Zac and Maddie, the character’s in How Zac Got His Z’s:  A Guide to Getting Rid of Nightmares. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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